Friday, January 9, 2009

Not again!

Barely six months after the last fuel scarcity scare, the next one has struck. Thanks to simultaneous strikes - by truckers, demanding reduction of the price of diesel, among other things, and by officers of the public sector oil companies demanding higher pay - and other things - the country has been teetering on the verge of a shut-down. 'Conservative' Chennai seems to have been less inconvenienced than other cities, not because of any favours shown to it, but because sensible responses have kicked in early. Many office goers have either switched to public transport or have been car-pooling over the past couple of days. Some rationing of petrol had kicked in even on Wednesday.

It appears that the oil-officers' strike will end later tonight; the army is reportedly on standby to step in with the logistics of fuel distribution. But until it happens, we're all left scratching our heads!

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