Thursday, July 31, 2008

Security fencing

Security in Chennai has always been pretty low key. Most of the time, it involves documentating entry and exit of vehicles and people into office, commercial or residential spaces. Surveillance is by guards patrolling specific areas or by slowing down traffic to peer inside cars. Remote monitoring is unheard of, for the most part. Some traffic intersections have cameras, but the general belief is that they are incapable of taking pictures anymore. Radar guns - again, street wisdom is that one such gun is shared by all the police stations in the city. You get the idea here; security relies less on technology and more on personnel. (Or on low technology, like glass shards on walls).

It is therefore surprising to find a sign saying 'Electrified Fence', especially on the outskirts of Chennai - at the Livestock Research Centre in Kattupakkam. Upon asking around, one is told that the fence is basically meant to prevent animals from entering the area; the voltage is just enough to jolt the animals a little bit, there is no permanent damage. Over a period of time, the local animals have learnt to respect the fence and so the power is switched off for the most part; it is used only very rarely, when there are some obvious security threats across the city or when there is a high-profile visitor to the Centre.

I remember that one of the software companies, being an early mover on the OMR had built a similar fence years ago, for the same reasons - keeping out animals!


LVISS said...

Whichever u look at it it is cruelty. The poor animals cannot complain. we can only pray for their safety.

Shantaram said...

>> Ravindran>> Nature, red in tooth and claw... but never intentionally cruel!

sreesnake said...

Nothing cruel about the ones at LRS,Kattupakkam. If the fence is violated, more than the electric shock, the sound of alarm brings the roof down. More of a deterrent!!

Shantaram said...

>> Sree>> I'll leave the two of you to argue over it.... ;)